Tequila Jalisco: The Blue Agave and The Charm of a Magical Town

A tour to Tequila Jalisco is almost mandatory for everyone who is on vacation in Guadalajara. It would be a shame if you wasted the chance of visiting the birthplace of the blue agave plant, the essence of the most iconic drink of Mexico on the whole Earth: the exquisite and stimulating tequila.

What is special about Tequila Jalisco?

Whether you travel to Tequila Jalisco from Guadalajara by car, by bus or aboard the Jose Cuervo Express train, you will have the opportunity to embark on a truly jaw-dropping trip of about an hour and a half as you leave the urban environment of Guadalajara behind to travel across the fertile countryside of Jalisco. You will see a beautiful land full of scenarios that will not fail to amaze you: corn fields, cattle of all kinds, hills and mountains, a couple of sleepy little towns and two of the biggest emblems of the region, the agave landscape and the impressive Tequila Volcano.

Take a look at the following tips on what to visit in Tequila Jalisco and what to do there so you can get the whole magical experience of this charming town and understand the increasing popularity of Tequila Jalisco:

Admire the agave landscape on the way to Tequila Jalisco. Because of its cultural importance for Mexico, the agave landscape and the old tequila factories, whose origins date back to the year 1600, were listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 2006. This is how magical Tequila Jalisco and its surroundings are!

Walk through the streets of Tequila Jalisco. As soon as you get to Tequila you feel like you’ve traveled back in time. The well-preserved facades of houses, commercial premises, accommodations and restaurants, together with the main square of Tequila, the kiosk and the Church of Santiago Apostol in the background give you a colorful welcome that invites you to explore further. Only the modern cars that flow slowly through the cobbled streets remind you that you are not in the 18th or 19th centuries.

Optional: Take a city tour in one of the minibuses shaped like a tequila bottle, a barrel or even a chili to listen how local people perceive history and life in this beautiful town.

Buy a jarrito and relax in the main square of Tequila. You will find several stalls where an exquisite cocktail is prepared in clay jars; the mix contains orange juice, grapefruit juice, grapefruit soda and the tequila of your choice (don’t worry, there are PLENTY of options). The edge of the jar is rimmed with salt and chili powder and is decorated with a slice of orange. Sublime!

Explore the Jose Cuervo Tequila Factory. As you walk through the streets of this Magical Town you are surrounded by the sweet aroma of roasted agave, although you can only discern what it is and where that exquisite fragrance comes from after an interesting tour of the Jose Cuervo Tequila Factory.

Be sure to visit the oldest distillery in all of Latin America! In the Jose Cuervo La Rojeña distillery you see how the agave hearts or piñas arrive at the factory, how they are cut into pieces and roasted in huge adobe ovens. Then the agave juices are extracted, fermented and distilled twice. You see the tequila aging in wooden barrels and you even have the opportunity to experience a tasting with a professional.

Eat delicious and authentic Mexican food. No nachos, no hard shell “tacos”, no cheap tequila. In Tequila Jalisco you will find top notch restaurants that manage to satisfy the most demanding palates through elaborate traditional recipes and perfect cooking. La Antigua Casona at Solar de las Animas Hotel, La Fonda Cholula right next to the Mundo Cuervo store or La Jima at Hotel Villa Tequila are three of the best restaurants in Tequila Jalisco where you can savor delicious tortas ahogadas, carne en su jugo, pozole or birria and pair them with a Margarita, a Tequila Sunrise or your favorite cocktails.

You are now ready to experience Tequila Jalisco! At Hotel Villa Tequila we are waiting for you with arms wide open, this is your home in this wonderful Magical Town of Mexico.