Villa Tequila Restaurant

Hours: Monday to Thursday 7 to 22 hrs

Friday to Sunday 7  to 23 hrs

Service: A la carte.

Our hotel has one of the best restaurants in Tequila Jalisco. Among its attributes are its gorgeous location inside Hotel Villa Tequila, in a perfectly well ventilated and illuminated space, overlooking the hotel gardens. It also has the typical colonial ambience of the entire hotel.

Here you can taste exquisite typical food of Tequila Jalisco, a delicious “chamorro” (roasted pork leg) accompanied by charro beans, guacamole and freshly made tortillas or a steaming molcajete (stone bowl) full of shrimp, chicken or arrachera with a delicious variety of sauces and grilled onions and nopales. For dessert, sauteed plantains with tequila, jericallas or corn bread. One of the best restaurants in Tequila Jalisco!

If you have a romantic dinner at Tequila Jalisco or a private tasting of Tequila in mind, the Hotel Villa Tequila’s cellar can be adapted for any of these special events. These services are subject to availability, with prior reservations.