A Jose Cuervo distillery tour in Tequila is a MUST DO in Jalisco!

Can you imagine living a Tequila tour by train like in the old days? You can experience a train tour to Tequila Jalisco on the Jose Cuervo Express! Mundo Cuervo offers travelers this amazing adventure that includes a Jose Cuervo distillery tour in Tequila, an inspiring show with authentic Mexican music and dance, and an interactive experience with harvesters (jimadores) in the blue agave fields.

The Jose Cuervo Express train leaves Guadalajara and crosses beautiful scenery with factories, mountains, cattle, corn crops and extensive agave fields. In this unique tour to Tequila you will pass through the towns of El Arenal and Amatitlan to finally reach Tequila Jalisco. The route of the Jose Cuervo Express train will allow you to see first-hand the impressive forces that give life to this thriving region of Mexico. You will not want to leave the window for a single moment!

For its beauty and cultural importance around the identity of Mexico, the agave landscape that you will observe on the tequila route aboard the Jose Cuervo train along with the old Tequila factories were listed as World Heritage by UNESCO in 2006.

The train tour to Tequila Jalisco on the Jose Cuervo Express is available every Saturday and has different prices and inclusions according to the to the type of wagon you choose: Express, Premium or Premium Plus. Inside and out, you will see that all the wagons of the Jose Cuervo train are collection pieces perfectly preserved and conditioned to provide you with unforgettable experiences.

But wait! Your train tour to Tequila Jalisco is just the beginning of a wonderful journey through Mundo Cuervo!

Enjoy a tour of Cuervo Factory!

As soon as the Jose Cuervo train tour arrives in Tequila your guide will give you a tour of the Jose Cuervo Factory. There you will learn about the whole distillation process of blue agave. Be sure to read our blog post about the Jose Cuervo La Rojeña Factory to learn about the oldest distillery in Latin America and its role in the history of this town.

At the end of your tour of the Jose Cuervo Factory you will have free time to explore downtown Tequila on your own and try the culinary delicacies of Jalisco in one of the restaurants of this truly magical town.

Feel Mexico at Foro Jose Cuervo!

After exploring the main plaza of Tequila, at the modern Foro Jose Cuervo you can delight your eyes and ears with the emblematic Mariachi Juvenil de Tequila performing the most iconic songs from Mexico while the folkloric ballet of Mundo Cuervo dons the typical colorful costumes of Jalisco and recreates the most beautiful traditional dances of this region of Mexico. This show will give you goosebumps!

Walk through the blue agave fields

This complete train tour to Tequila Jalisco on the Jose Cuervo Express includes a visit to the extensive agave fields of Jose Cuervo, so that you can live the process of gathering, jima and sowing of the tequilana weber blue agave! You will have the chance of meeting and interacting with real life jimadores who have spent most of their lifetime working on the fields. Afterwards, a comfortable and modern bus will take you back to Guadalajara with tequila cocktails on board.

So, are you ready to hop on the Jose Cuervo Express? A tour to Tequila by train is an excellent first approach to this Pueblo Magico in Mexico, but there is much more to do here! We’ll be waiting for you at Hotel Villa Tequila to show you more attractions of this tequila flavored and scented beautiful town.