5 things you MUST consider when booking a Tequila hotel

There is simply no way to avoid it, all of us who have enjoyed tequila at some point in our lives eventually want to know where that delicious bottled fire comes from. When we discover that there is a beautiful small town in Jalisco named Tequila with cobbled streets and Colonial buildings at the foot of a volcano and that this is the birthplace of Tequila, there’s no way back: A trip to Tequila Mexico becomes mandatory!

When your time arrives to search and compare Tequila hotels, please keep in mind these important aspects we have compiled hoping to help you make a better choice while booking a hotel in Tequila Jalisco:

1.- Double check the location of Tequila hotels before booking

There are Tequila Jalisco hotels on the road that connects Guadalajara with this Pueblo Magico (Magical Town) as well as lodging options in Tequila that are more peculiar (barrel shaped rooms, really?) than convenient due to their distance from downtown Tequila. On the other hand, there are also hotels near the main plaza of the small town where almost everything happens, such as Solar de las Animas and Hotel Villa Tequila.

2.- Tequila hotels with a lot of history

Tequila Jalisco has modern hotels as well as lodging options built in the Colonial era. This is where you have to ask yourself: Is it important for me to stay in a place where historical events took place? How about staying at one of those beautiful old houses in Tequila Jalisco that used to be inhabited by a renowned local family and were recently conditioned to become a boutique hotel? Hotel Villa Tequila is one of those interesting options!

3.- Hotels in Tequila with a pool

Tequila has an average annual temperature of around 75 degrees Fahrenheit plus high levels of humidity during the summer, so you’ll want to look for hotels in Tequila with a pool to cool off after exploring the Jose Cuervo Tequila Factory, after taking a walk through downtown Tequila, or to just relax with your favorite drink while watching the sunset. Once again, Hotel Villa Tequila, formerly Hotel Los Abolengos in Tequila Jalisco, is your best option.

4.- Look for hotels in Tequila with a restaurant and a bar

Eating and drinking, two of the greatest pleasures in life and aspects that you should not overlook when comparing hotels in Tequila Jalisco. According to the TripAdvisor ranking of restaurants in Tequila, La Antigua Casona tops the list with its delicious Carne en su Jugo (meat in its juices), small pieces of steak cooked in their juices mixed with beans and bacon. La Antigua Casona is right in front of the main square of Tequila and it’s part of the famous Solar de las Animas hotel.

On the fourth place of TripAdvisor’s list you’ll find La Jima, a restaurant-bar with regional specialties such as Tortas Ahogadas, fried pork sandwiches bathed in a spicy tomato sauce. Ask your waiter about La Jima’s wide selection of the finest tequilas produced in Mexico. La Jima also features a relaxing view of Hotel Villa Tequila’s well manicured garden. Try visiting La Jima on any given Saturday evening for some musical and culinary surprises!

5.- Hotel prices in Tequila

There are hotels in Tequila Jalisco for all tastes and budgets. Accommodation options in Tequila range from $26 USD to $160 USD per night per room for two people. Groups of students who plan on exploring the surroundings all day may find the economic hotels in Tequila extremely convenient, while couples with a romantic plan or visitors with a more sophisticated travel style may definitely want to invest more money into the hotel in Tequila they’ll be staying at.

Now that you know what aspects to consider when comparing Tequila Jalisco hotels, you are ready to make your reservation. Go drink a Caballito, a small glass of tequila with some lemon and salt, close your eyes and just think that the day of your trip to Tequila is getting closer by the day. You’re almost here in Tequila Jalisco!