Hotel Villa Tequila

Tequila is the most iconic drink in Mexico. No matter where you go in the world, when mentioning Mexico, almost always the first thing that comes to mind is “tequila”.

Like many traditional drinks in the country, tequila has a meticulous and fascinating production process. While fermentation, distillation and aging are perhaps the best-known stages, it all starts with the coa, the main tool of a jimador.

The role of the jimador in the production of tequila

The jimador is a fundamental character in the production of tequila. It is responsible for harvesting the agave that will be used to make this drink.

The work of jimador is very old and is usually inherited from parents to children. It’s a lifestyle in which people put all their strength and agave knowledge to collect the hearts of this plant that are the part that is used for the production of tequila.

The coa is the faithful companion of the jimador; it was invented by indigenous people according to their needs and has been used for over 500 years. The origin of its name is Taino and it means working blade. It is a thin round palette and the firmness of its post, as well as the edge of its blade, make it an ideal tool to take out the agave, cut the leaves of the plant and finally collect the heart -also called “pineapple”- in a quick, but meticulous way. It weighs approximately eight kilos, so to know how to maneuver it correctly, is an admirable job.

The jimador and his coa are essential in the production of this emblematic drink that, without a doubt, is full of history, tradition and flavors from Mexico.

The best way to learn about the tequila manufacturing process and see the jimadores in action using their coas to harvest the agave is by visiting the Magical Town of Tequila in the state of Jalisco. Here, besides admiring the fascinating agave landscape and making tours through the different tequila houses, you can enjoy a pleasant colonial atmosphere which is crowned with beautiful architecture and delicious cuisine.

Fábrica La Rojeña offers an excellent experience through Jose Cuervo’s agave fields.

Tequila is one of the best destinations to enjoy and learn more about Mexican traditions. The best of all is that it is an ideal place to visit with friends, as a couple or with the entire family.