Hotel Villa Tequila

Tequila: a perfect destination for Instagram

Instagram has become a showcase to discover the world.

In this social network, every day millions of people share the incredible landscapes and places that their eyes see in different cities and countries around the globe.

Of course, some places have more potential to conquer the insatiable eyes of Instagram users who are eager to see sites full of colors with amazing environments and breathtaking little corners.

For all the beauties and fascinating places it keeps, Tequila is a perfect destination to show off on Instagram.


Agave landscapes

Where else in the world can you admire a splendid agave landscape? This panorama offered by Tequila is unique in the world and that’s why UNESCO named it Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

It’s an exotic environment that looks totally awesome on Instagram.


Colorful historic center

Instagram is addicted to color and, for that, the historic center of Tequila is the best place to go.

While in there, it doesn’t matter which way you turn, you’ll encounter an explosion of color. Old manors painted in bright tones, picturesque craft shops, murals that adorn some walls, colorful drinks that are prepared with tequila and the folkloric mariachi costume. You name it! In here, color is everywhere.


Tequila factories

There is nothing more fascinating than getting to know the elaboration process of such an iconic element in a country like tequila in Mexico.

One of the main attractions of this Magical Town is to learn about the manufacture of tequila and for that, you have to visit the fantastic factories where it is distilled. These distilleries are full of exceptional spaces that have been a fundamental part of the history of this spirit and, of course, they are ideal for taking incredible and very interesting photos.

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Corners full of charm

Tequila is full of charming spots to take photos. Whether it’s something as colorful as the giant TEQUILA letters or some small corner inside a restaurant or shop.

There are many spaces, views and places to photograph in Tequila and that make Instagram a much more beautiful and colorful virtual space.