Hotel Villa Tequila


For some years now, in Mexico was created the “Magical Towns” program in which small destinations that have a great historical, cultural and gastronomic richness are recognized. The symbolic attributes of these villages, as well as their fascinating traditions, legends and folkloric manifestations, make them an irresistible place for all the people who visit them.

Mexico’s Tourism Office is the entity behind this program, and it defines Magical Towns as: “Localities that through time and despite modernity, have preserved their value and historical cultural heritage, and manifest it in diverse expressions through their tangible and intangible heritage.”

In 2003, Tequila received the Magical Town designation, thanks to all the historical and architectural gems that can be found here, as well as for its delicious cuisine and, of course, for its exceptional agave fields where tequila –the Mexican drink par excellence- comes from.

One of the treasures that made Tequila receive the status of Magical Town is the Temple of Santiago Apóstol, the oldest and most important religious building in town and its faithful guardian since the 17th century.


Temple of Santiago Apóstol’s Architecture

The construction of this temple was overseeing master builder Martin Casillas, who conceived a simple building but of great beauty.

Its facade was built with stones from the region and in it you can see carved cherubs, Doric columns and a beautiful sculpture of Saint Michael the Archangel.

Its interior also has a very special charm, with striking vaults and carefully made stained glass windows. The main altarpiece, one of the many jewels of this temple, is neoclassical and its atrium houses a sculpture of Santo Toribio Romo (an early 1900s Jalisco priest, who was beatified by Pope John Paul II), which is accompanied by colonial style fountains and two cherubs.

Without a doubt, a tour through Tequila’s downtown, inaugurated by a visit to the Temple of Santiago Apóstol, allows to immediately understand why this destination is one of the most beautiful Magical Towns in México.