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 Magical production full of colors and spirituality

Mexico is a country that can still boast the cultural richness of the indigenous communities that live here. From north to south, and from east to west, the most beautiful and charming places in the country are favored by the presence of communities that protect and promote their most rooted indigenous traditions. Such is the case of the “Huicholes”, one of the most fascinating ethnic groups in Mexico.

Also known as “Wixárikas” – their original name in their indigenous language – they inhabit the central west of the country, mainly in the states of Jalisco and Nayarit, but also have a presence in Durango, Zacatecas and San Luis Potosí. They are one of the best-preserved indigenous communities in the country, as they’ve been very jealous of their traditions, keeping alive their social, cultural and religious customs.

Among their beautiful traditions we can highlight their art, which is based on earth, water, air and fire -the four elements of creation- and which is inspired by all that the eyes of artisans see in their day to day: the moon, the sun, the sea, the mountains, the trees and the animals.


Origin of Huichol art

Huichol art is one of the most folkloric artistic expressions in Mexico. It is characterized using many colors, materials such as yarn and bead, and designs that some people consider somewhat psychedelic.

The Huichol artisans reflect in their works part of their roots and customs. For them, each piece has a great value, because its creation requires a lot of work, patience and love.

It is said that the origin of their crafts comes from an ancestral tradition in which the shamans (or marakames) consumed peyote -their sacred cactus-, which has hallucinogenic effects and made them have visions that allowed to cross the threshold of the unknown and relate to the divine. Thus, following this tradition, the Huichols, who are a deeply religious people, can capture their worldview in the beautiful and colorful art they produce.

There are many beautiful destinations where you can admire Huichol art. One of them is the Magical Town of Tequila in Jalisco, known for being the cradle of the most iconic drink in the country.

Here, in addition to buying beautiful pieces made by this community, you can enjoy other artistic expressions such as music and dance, which they present in the streets of the town.

Huichol art is a tradition that makes Mexico very proud and surprises both locals and foreigners.