Hotel Villa Tequila

Bohemian nights to enjoy as a couple

There are plenty of activities that can be enjoyed as a couple: a romantic dinner by candlelight, a peaceful walk through a beautiful village, an adventure in the middle of nature, etc. But something that is always a good idea and that conjugates different romantic details, without a doubt, is a bohemian night.

Bohemian nights enjoyed great fame in the Paris of the sixties. This type of evening is characterized by an intimate atmosphere full of romance, where soft music played live is the essential ingredient. Guitar, piano, violin and harp are the main instruments that are part of bohemian nights and are usually accompanied by virtuous voices, sometimes, from recognized talents.

All that musical magic can be enjoyed with a good drink in hand and, usually, a delicious dinner or some dishes to share.

Tequila, a beautiful destination that hosts bohemian nights

These types of bohemian nights can be enjoyed in the charming magical town of Tequila, Jalisco, which, famous for its large blue agave crops of which Mexico’s most iconic drink is produced, is a fascinating tourist destination that never ceases to amaze everybody.

Hotel Villa Tequila, located just a few minutes from downtown, offers the ideal setting to enjoy unforgettable bohemian nights. Established in a beautiful nineteenth-century manor with fascinating works of art and areas that hold many stories, the hotel welcomes everybody all Saturday’s nights to enjoy romantic evenings, excellent trova music and wonderful dishes created by our renowned chef. Of course, drinks are an important part of the night, especially those prepared with the wide variety of tequilas made in the region that are part of our bar.

The pleasant El Mango Terrace is the place in which the bohemian nights at Hotel Villa Tequila take place. Everything starts with our traditional country barbecue that is held here every Saturday afternoon, which, when night falls, begins to transform to house an oasis of romance crowned with good music and an intimate atmosphere.

All couples and trova lovers are welcome to bohemian nights at Hotel Villa Tequila. These evenings will undoubtedly give a unique and very special touch to your visit to the beautiful colonial town of Tequila.