Hotel Villa Tequila

Discovering the wonderful art that houses Hotel Villa Tequila

Hotel Villa Tequila isn’t only a lodging oasis in the beautiful and Magical Town of Tequila, Jalisco. It´s a place where you can admire extraordinary works of art.

The beautiful nineteenth-century manor houses in its corridors, walls, façade and other corners, paintings, photographs, sculptures and objects of great artistic value.

The tour to discover the fascinating art of Hotel Villa Tequila begins in its exterior, where the façade beholds a beautiful hand-made painting by artist Carmen González, which can also be seen in the edges of the main corridor; they were made in oil, one of the oldest techniques of pictorial art and the finish is an imitation of relief / embossment in quarry stone.

Once inside, the hotel reception welcomes everyone with a beautiful mural, also painted by Carmen González, which simulates the agave landscape, a distinctive trait of Tequila. In it, the artist created the illusion of tiles by performing the technique in acrylic, one of the most used contemporary methods.

Continuing on the same line, the hotel also displays photographs of the agave’s landscapes dating from the mid-1950s. They´re a vivid portrait that reflects the importance of the work of the “Jimador” masters in the agave fields; craftmanship maintained and transmitted through generations. These photographs are part of a historical collection of Tequila.

In other areas of the hotel, you can see beautiful paintings such as “La Tahona”, that showed the work done by mules and horses inside the small factories of Tequila. After cooking, the agave was placed in the “tahona” -a huge stone pulled by animals- whose function was to mill / grind it. Once it was crushed, the agave was taken to the fermentation vats.

“Bodegón” and “Bodegón de Tres Niveles”, are two other works that decorate the hotel’s walls. These types of paintings arrived in Mexico within the Viceroyalty period, and mainly represent fruits, but also other natural elements such as animals and flowers. From the Seventeenth-Century, bodegones were used to decorate the great halls of old mansions and manors.

“Frutero” is a work similar to a “bodegón”, but comes from Protestant countries, like Holland and Germany, where these images wanted to show the wealth and comforts of the privileged social classes.

You can also admire the artwork “Peras e Higos” which is a lithograph of French artist Chardin, one of the most important Eighteenth-Century painters focused on depicting fruits. Thanks to its art and precision, the study of the textures of many objects was developed in diverse materials as: copper, porcelain, glass and natural elements like fruits, flowers and animals.

The outdoors areas of the hotel also exhibit precious works, such as the sculptures “Mujer de los Agave” and “Jimador”, both created by the well-known Jalisco artist Carlos Terrés, who made them in terroca (a synthetic material he has been working with for years) and bronze, respectively.

The showcase of valuable art represented by Hotel Villa Tequila is completed with the beautiful Kranich & Bach piano, which in the Nineteenth-Century was known because of the exotic woods with which it was built, and its extravagant style.

Today, all hotel’s guests and visitors can admire these artistic jewels in their trip to the Magical Town of Tequila.